About Us

Government and public scrutiny over the not-for-profit sector has been steadily increasing over the last decade. Charged with stewarding government and public resources, not-for-profit boards of directors have been searching for ways to enhance their governance capacity and to "raise the bar" on their governance practices. Throughout 2008-2012 not-for-profit boards and senior decision makers across Ontario met with governance advisors, tng, to begin exploring how this might happen. During these conversations not-for-profit board members were asked how they could be best supported to better fulfill their governance accountabilities. Of the many ideas heard, a common response included "create a website or portal where we can easily learn and share information about each others' organizations and how other like-organizations are addressing their heightened governance responsibilities".

Acting on this suggestion, a few larger agencies began discussing what role they could play in seeding the solution. In collaboration with governance advisors tng and GoverningTogether this website was developed and over the years has been enhanced to meet the evolving needs of not-for-profit boards. The "portal" is designed as a user-based collaborative sharing service and is being hosted and managed by a third party, not-for-profit organization called The Canadian Centre for Leadership and Human Values.

The Ontario Association of Children's Aide Societies (OACAS) is a participating member and has provided sector-wide resources to support the site on behalf its CAS members. As suggested by many not-for-profit board members, over time the site is designed to become self-sustaining with long-term financial supported being derived from its participating boards and their members. In this way, ongoing value can be assured and no one organization will need to be burdened with the administrative tasks of building, managing and maintaining the site resources. We hope you find the resources and tools shared in this site to be helpful in your pursuit of good governance!

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