Welcome to the OACAS Governing Together Portal

The Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies (OACAS) is pleased to introduce and make available to its member Societies this innovative and collaborative "GoverningTogetherâ„¢" web portal. This tool has been adapted from its original pilot implementation in the health sector. The portal is being implemented as part of our shared sector goal to enhance our system's governance capacity in service to improving the health, well-being, education and safety of children and youth. We encourage you to explore, learn and contribute to our new tool which has been designed specifically for our volunteer board members and their executive directors.

Welcome Governors and Leaders

Being a volunteer board member can be a rewarding and fulfilling part of a person's life. There is no question that the role is critical to the ongoing success of community-based organizations and to the health of our communities and society in general. Together with their senior leader and dedicated staff, boards of directors strive to advance the mission of their organization, responsibly steward public resources and make a significant and lasting difference in the lives of the people their organizations serve.

This web portal has been created in response to needs expressed by volunteer, public and not-for-profit boards throughout Ontario. It is designed to assemble and share practical information and governance tools with board members and their senior leaders. As a registered member of the portal will have full, one-stop access to helpful information about other boards and organizations in your sector. You will also have access to an inventory of good governance practices, frameworks and tools assembled by leading governance advisors, your association and other practicing boards. By enhancing our relationships and knowledge of one another and by sharing good governance practices it is our hope to "raise the collective bar" on governing and leading our sector and in other sectors that choose to learn and contribute to this example.

Our Shared Opportunity

As governors of our organizations we all share a few fundamental things:

  • We all have an obligation to ensure that our organizations are doing their very best with the limited resources we have to serve our clients.
  • We all have an obligation to ensure that our organizations carry out our missions in a fiscally and ethically responsible way.
  • We all have an obligation to understand the risks and opportunities that face our organizations and to do our best to mitigate those risks and seize those opportunities.

None of this is new and as directors of our organizations we all take these responsibilities very seriously.

However, more and more, government and the publics we serve are expecting us to work more closely together, as a "system". Not only to improve our efficiencies, but to significantly enhance the quality and accessibility of the services we bring to our communities. For many of us this means exploring new ways of working together, new ways of learning from one another and new ways of sharing with one another.

Operationally, many of our organizations have already experienced the benefits of community partnerships and a more coordinated approach to planning and service delivery. However, an equally great opportunity exists at the governance level of our organizations to explore new ways of learning, planning, monitoring and directing our respective organizations. By taking a "systems view", we as governors can redefine and reshape how services can be delivered in all of our communities.

This is our greatest opportunity and perhaps our greatest challenge and obligation as directors. It will be up to us as PEOPLE and fellow GOVERNORS to choose together, through conversations and relationships, just how we'll we make this work.

So, in the spirit of evolving this conversation and our relationships together, we invite you to join in this journey to create and govern our system, together.

To become a member board or inquire about this innovative new portal please click here to contact us.